вторник, 23 декември 2014 г.

TODAY: The Tale Of A Black Cloak

jeans: TALLY WEiJL (similar) | cloak: Daniela Doneva | sweater: Lenny Cat | earrings: Bijou Brigitte (similar)

Have you had déjà vu ever? Well, I personally have a lot of them and happened yesterday afternoon. I will not begin explaining where it comes from the title of the post and on why yesterday I had déjà vu ..... Yesterday my mother and I went on shopping to one of the malls after work and we decided to get to the Lion's Bridge on foot. As we walked we have stepped out of an alley on which I had before ... but in my dreams. I dreamed that I pass on it with a lift ... Pretty crazy, right? I had never before passed on this street, but now, yesterday I passed on it. It felt strange and nice and the street and the buildings around - they were the same... .

And there comes the moment that I'll tell you from where it comes the title of today's post. Prior to happen to me this strange and great feeling of déjà vu moment I was at work and I got a gift from my boss for Christmas. The gift was this black cloak and as soon as I wrapped it around my arms I were transferred elsewhere ... (this obviously gave a sign that it would happen even more enjoyable thing in this sunny day). I can compare it to the time when Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy fall in Narnia. I can even proudly stated that this is the only garment of my entire wardrobe, which makes me feel like this, as strange as it sounds.

Here comes the moment to ask: Do you have clothes in which you feel so comfortable that you have the feeling that you are elsewhere?

Carrie x

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  1. the black coat is a must in the closet! And 'super versatile .. I have many models of black coat because every occasion has its own!