неделя, 21 декември 2014 г.

German Christmas Bazaar

Christmas holiday officially started and I couldn't wait to spend my afternoons on the streets of Sofia and so I did ..... Yesterday was the penultimate day of the German Christmas Bazaar and I decided to take advantage of this chance and this year to visit it. I'm always open to this kind of events as the atmosphere of such places and the aroma of mulled wine and sausages fills me with Christmas spirit and I begin to dream.

With a very good friend of mine - Alex, we decided to go in the City Garden on Alexander I Battenberg Square and to see what offers the bazaar this year. When I went there I couldn't help myself not to get something from there. This year I took (rather Alex took it for me as something for Christmas) a very beautifully decorated heart for Christmas tree that I will adorn this afternoon.

The atmosphere was so fascinating that I used the time to take some pictures before we left. Alex had to go to work and during the time we left we went in Costa coffee for hot chocolate- the solution for cold weather. I took an average size of hot chocolate and Alex took a small size. And to sum up with Costa's hot chocolate ended our day.

And how do you spend your Christmas holiday?

Carrie x


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