събота, 17 януари 2015 г.

REVIEW: Essie Dive Bar

I love the moments when I buy a new coat, and maybe it is a tradition for me every month. Maybe three months from now my tradition started. In my facebook page I mentioned that I wanted to start using more quality and long-lasting lacquers. I threw almost all my lacquers and started to replace them with Essie's nail shades, because they are exactly what I'm looking for.
In autumn and winter I use only dark shades and mainly black, crimson red, brown, gray, turquoise and blue. Yesterday I went back to buy new lacquers and to take advantage of the January reduction of Essie and I took Dive Bar and Sand Tropez. I'm not generally a supporter of iridescent nail polishes, but Dive Bar was exception. This nail polish impress me exactly with its overflowing colors (black with glittering turquoise, pink and blue), and how well will sit on my nails.

Starting from the name of this shade immediately I can imagine a roadside bar at a crossroads late at night and I come to how I adore overflowing colors of this polish. It dries very quickly and the brush allows a very convenient application I would say. I am bringing it on my nails in three layers as the third is much thinner. Withstand a nice base and top coat around 6-7 days as other Essie's polishes. The other lacquers I used even with a good base and top coat usually chip on the first day after application.

What are your preferences for colors during the cold months? Light or dark? Iridescent or pastel?

Carrie x

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  1. Love the colour ,it's lovely. xox


  2. well, I don't really have a cold weather color....but I tend to go more on the iridescent shades and blues. :)

  3. Definitely dark, great post girl, well done!