вторник, 10 февруари 2015 г.

BEAUTY: Nail Favorites #1

Today I decided to show you my mini collection of Essie polishes. In a review I mentioned that it's already a tradition of mine to get nail polish every month and now I have four amazing colors, this month soon they will become five. I love everything about Essie's nail shades from the design of the bottle and a variety of shades to that incredible brush.

I'll start with Wicked - the first nail polish in my mini collection and my favorite shade. This shade became my typical "go to" dark red, even I would say going to the brown tint, just because I like so much these colors.

Dive Bar (review) I took it last month and I am mildly addicted to it and can't stop wearing it on your nails. Its iridescent colors are amazing and attract a lot more attention every time when I'm with it. This polish gives high-shine finish with a rich mysterious colors.

As you already know, I prefer dark colors during the cold months I decided to make a small exception to get a spring one and namely Sand Tropez. It has a sandy color and is very gentle as color. If you prefer the color to be more solid like me you need three layers to give the color of the bottle on your nails. I'm not sure if my next coat will be a light color, but if I take this decision it might be Blanc.

And my last nail shade is Angora Cardi, which actually was the second polish after Wicked. Since I don't like very bright shades of pink I picked this. I liken it as ashes of roses, because it's not very dark, but also it's not very bright. When I'm with short nails I use darker colors (as a rule) and my salvation is exactly this polish.

And what's your Essie collection?

Carrie x

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  1. I really like Essie polishes too xox


  2. Много хубави цветове. Не съм пробвала още Essie, но мисля да си взема един лак. Харесва ми бежавият нюанс.



  3. Ще останеш доволна със сигурност, ако ги пробваш! Аз бях супер скептична спрямо цената и издръжливостта им, но останах доволна и сега използвам само тях. :)