вторник, 17 февруари 2015 г.

REVIEW: Maybelline NY SuperStay Better Skin

Three weeks ago I took a very occasional Maybelline New York's new (to this date) foundation SuperStay Better Skin, for the same morning my old was over and I was in a slight panic how I will survive without one but I was pleasantly delighted. While I was at home and I was wondering which brand's foundation to use I came across to Maybelline NY's facebook page and saw this baby. I never doubt about whether to take it or not and I went to the nearest perfumery.

The first thing I noticed was the packaging, which is quite practical for traveling because it is small and compact of 30ml. I like a lot the fact that it is with a pump making it easy to use. The pump and the cap are made of plastic, and the bottle is from glass. I took Nude hue, which is number 021 on the regular price of 13.90 lv. The shade was 1: 1 with the color of my skin.

When I had to use it I was fascinated by the effect on my face. The creamy formula is quite thick and I would say that coverage is maximum. Only one layer applied on my face this foundation gives a finished and matt effect and red spots disappeared as everything that makes the color of my face bumpy.

Lasts all day whereas I like to makeup early in the morning to 07: 30h. and then I go home at 20: 00h. but the only con is that after 6 hours shows up luster (maybe it's from my skin that is oily or not). Also it can be removed very easily and in three weeks wearing it the skin of my face has improved.

Carrie x

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  1. Доста покривен изглежда върху кожата. Никога не съм изпробвала фон дьо тен на Maybelline. Благодаря, че сподели мнение.