неделя, 1 март 2015 г.

Beauty Favorites #1

Recently I've been trying a lot of skincare products, as I'm tired of fighting stains on my face. I would say that my skin is better now, but it was never perfectly "clean". I will show you today the products that make me more relaxed knowing that mastered my skin situation + a cream that takes care of my dry hands skin.

Several months ago, I accidentally came across of Zoya.bg's products and I was very pleased. The Natural Face Mask for Oily/Mixed Skin proved to be my salvation at the appropriate time. My skin is oily and I use it once daily in the late afternoon and after thoroughly washing my skin feels a lot better. The mask contains green clay and bergamot essential oil, which affect very well on my skin and I'll continue to use it.

A few days ago I used only the natural face mask, but at the beginning of the week the lotion Stop Acne from tianDe was given me as a gift. I use the lotion twice a day - morning and evening (afternoon) after washing the mask. I would say that the lotion + face mask is perhaps one of the best combinations for my skin.

You already know that I have dry hands and I was using before a hydrating cream from AVON (review). I emptied the tube and I decided to take another with jasmine and vitamin E, which is also good for nails. It smells very nice and soothes the skin of my hands..

Who are your favorite products? Did you add something new to your routine?

Carrie x


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