петък, 13 март 2015 г.

Spring Wishlist

It turned out that making wishlists proved to me that this is very organizing thing, because I know on what to emphasize in my purchases and not to be distracted by side ones. As the sun already is so bright outside it reminds me how I'm not going to carry my huge winter jacket soon in hand I decided to make a spring wishlist.

Striped and plaid shirts are my weakness and I'll renew this part of my wardrobe with these two. I have several and they are always very practical when I hurry or don't know what to wear. When it comes a word about plaid or stripes I liked this striped cardigan, but I waver between it or read out the black one.

And I can't miss accessories .... in my previous wishlist I had liked another wool hat, but never superfluous more, right? As for the start of the new year with a little delay I want to add some bold colors in my makeup collection - lipsticks just because until now I focusing only on colorless glosses. I decided they to be more dark colors, mainly reds and one makeup bag that grabbed me.

Well, did you do your spring wishlist?

Carrie x


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