сряда, 6 май 2015 г.

BEAUTY: Nail Favorites #2

You know that I am obsessed by Essie polishes and plus I'm now officially in spring mood; blog posts will be combined with this mood. Today I prepared some of my favorite pastel shades that reminds me of Spring and the warm sun outside.

The first color is white, which you can go always straight up with at any time. And I took Essie Blanc, which is snow white shade. I always apply three layers to acquire the color of the bottle and against a slightly darker tan looks amazing.

Blue I think is one of the mandatory colors in the spring is Essie Lapiz of Luxury, which I bet boldly. It's very gentle and light (sky) blue shade. It always applies perfectly and it's long-lasting as other lacquers.

Essie Chinchilly is a beautiful gray-brown shade. It's a really pretty color, somewhere in between dark brown and graphite gray. Although it's darker with a lighter color, or during rainy spring days it is very suitable.

Finally, the last shade, I like recently is beige and specifically Essie Sand Tropez. Since beige colors are my favorites not only in winter this shade helps me to give a perfect finish on my outfits. The next color with which I'm going to paint my nails I think is this one!

Carrie x


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