вторник, 30 юни 2015 г.

Beauty Favorites #2

And this month passed very quickly and a changes happened on the blog during this time. As the last day of the month I'm back with new post and the theme is for my favorite products in June.

The first product that took the first place among my cosmetic products is Maybelline Volum 'Express Lift-Up mascara. I risked when I took it because I haven't tried Maybelline's mascaras before . I was very pleased with it. Its brush is slightly curved and thereby increasing the length of my eyelashes and opened my eyes a lot. When I apply it on my eyelashes there is no irritation on my eyes, because I am with sensitive ones. There is no smudging during the day too, even when the weather is rainy and leaves no traces on my glasses.

The second product is Maybelline Superstay Better Skin with №20 Cameo. Before I used №21 Nude (review), but maybe Cameo gives a natural look on my face. This is the second foundation I use from Maybelline and improved my skin with a few ideas. There is not much to talk about it because everything I mentioned for Nude is the same for Cameo.

The Essence eye pencil become my favorite in June and not only through it. Among other possible colors mine is 01 black. The color is black and its application becomes super easy. It is very soft and I love it because I don't like to use hard eye pencils (their application becomes very difficult and painful). Lasts for hours and is very suitable for sensitive eyes. If you like soft, black overlay is easy and with easy application you should definitely try it!

During the hot days my lips are chapped and when I want to diversify something in my appearance I always bet on Avon Extra Lasting Lipstick with Eternal Flame hue. The color is great and not very bright red. Its formula is creamy, moisturize my lips and I like it a lot. It's not shimmering and looks amazing with every outfit. Lasts for hours and after eating it hasn't lost its color completely.

How would I miss my favorite nail polish in this kind of posts? Blue is my favorite color and I can't deny that I couldn't help myself to not to add something blue in my polish collection. Without thinking I picked Essie Lapiz of Luxury. During the warmer months I love to wear bright and fresh colors and in June I bet on this shade. It is very light blue - ocean (sky) blue. Its brush is wide enough for easy application. With two layers is sufficient to achieve a solid color, but I always add another for more endurance.

The last favorite product for this month is one hair mask by AVON from Planet Spa: Amazonian Treasures Nourishing Hair Mask with Brazilian Acai & Berries of 200ml. The tube is purple with gold ornaments. It's fast working mask and moisturize my hair. The mask is applied throughout the bath of 1-10 min in root to tip and then you must wash it thoroughly. I leave my mask for about 5 minutes and bringing it on the ends of my hair. Its formula is creamy, light purple color and its scent is delightful!

And what you have been loving during June?

Carrie x

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  1. аз лично бих позчистила козметиката преди да я снимам :) отнема ти 2 минутки да хжанесх една морка кърпичка и да забършеш капачките на продуктите, понякога има и следи от пръсти и размазани гримове... Всички имаме козметични несесери и знаем за какво става въпрос, но е хубаво или да снимаш нови неща, или да приведеш старите в приятен за окото вид :) На мен лично ми прави адски силно впечатление, всъшност това е първото нещо, което забелязах при снимките ти. :) ... и ELLE разбира се, това беше един силен брой от миналата година :)

    1. Мерси за мнението ти. Следващият път ще го имам впредвид. Но бих казала, че предпочитам да се знае, че продуктите наистина са използвани, а не са купени само заради конкретния пост. Фатално ли е, че примерно капачката на фон дьо тена е изцапана? И ELLE не е от миналата година, а е от тази. Има ли значение дали броя е актуален или не? Тя и шапката не е нова по принцип... :)