вторник, 1 септември 2015 г.

TODAY: What's In My Bag?

I have on my laptop's browser an entire folder of bookmarks with blog posts of this topic! I always found it interesting to read those posts when I have no idea what to write on the blog and they are very helpful. Today I decided to show you what's in my bag.

1. Lip Color
I always carry in my cosmetic bag a lipstick just in case like this long lasting red lipstick and gloss or lip balm if my lips are chapped. Any moment I expect my second long lasting lipstick to arrive - this time in a different shade.

2. Accessories
Usually you can find a lot of accessories in my bag as headphones, keys, pen and umbrella. Besides them, there is definitely one accessory I can’t live without - my glasses. No matter where I'm they are always in my bag.

3. Liquids
Some liquids I can't live without are definitely lotion/cream and perfume! When I have to spend the whole day without coming home I always bring a hand cream with me. When my hands are dry my hand cream leave them soft with very nice flavor. I also like this little black dress perfume. It's long lasting, but it's never superfluous, if I decide to refresh my scent.

4. Makeup
Wearing a cosmetic bag is a must! Sometimes when I'm out all day it's my first friend when I need to "freshen up". I keep in it basic things like lipstick / gloss, mascara and eyeliner. You can see a little more detail what most often I bring in it here.

5. Entertainment
In this category, which I always carry with me, but it's not in the picture is my phone - Huawei P8. I love this phone as it saves me carrying notebooks/journals and is much easier to bring around than my laptop. I have very quick access to my files and applications that make my life easier.

No matter what bag I've chosen to wear these five essentials I always keep in them in order to survive the day.

Carrie x


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