неделя, 15 ноември 2015 г.

BEAUTY: Five Dark Nail Favorites for AW #3

Autumn is my favorite season, since the colors outside are very pleasing for the eye and my love for dark shades of nail fits very well in this picture. For this reason my nails haven’t touched a light shade of polish in weeks. There is something very nice in these black-but-not-quite shades plus there lengthening nail effect.

Starting from left to right we have a creamy and sinister dark red Essie Wicked. I talked about this shade a lot and I can't stop doing it because it is my award-winner among dark shades. On my nails it looks very crimson and bold. Very autumn, especially for Halloween.

Another Essie shade is from Luxe Effects collection. Essie Jazzy Jubilant (аs you can see on the second picture) is with transparent base with glitter particles just like confetti giving my nails luxe effect. It's suitable for every shade because of his dark turquoise, copper and gold glitter particles.

Next in line is another favorite of mine red shade - Essie Forever Yummy, that I got recently. On the picture it looks a lot brighter, but you can get very intense dark red color in three coats.

I couldn’t not mention the brown-gray Essie Chinchilly. I pair it with every outfit. If you don't want completely brown or gray polish this is your guy for the job. Very cool and radiant urban chic.

Lastly is a iridescent shade that is not completely black. Essie Dive Bar (review) is a blend of iridescent black with turquoise, pink and blue. On my nails this shade looks very dark and leaves very rich colors. Quite dark and mystical sophisticated.

Carrie x


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