четвъртък, 31 декември 2015 г.

My Personal and Blogging Goals for 2016

I will join you with "New Years Resolutions" posts this year. This kind of posts aren’t something I really make, but this year I'll make an exception. Looking at the people around me...they put a lot of pressure on themselves to achieve something as soon as possible and it’s completely unrealistic most of the time.2015 for me was filled with a lot of negative emotions and I hope that 2016 will be a lot different. However, I decided to put some goals for the upcoming year too.

Goal One: Weight Gain| It may seem strange at first, but gaining weight is my No.1 goal for me every year. When I get outside people are staring at me because I'm skinny. It was very depressing for me but now this is my motivation. Why? Because all these people are limited in they way of thinking and don't question themselves that this is may be natural given, not achieved with diets that have led to some disease. Just genes, nothing more! It's very difficult to fight your own genes, but that's life!

Goal Two: Put More of Myself in my Blog| This blog is a big part of my lifestyle and what I love to do. This year I was completely absorbed by work, problems and lectures and for this reason I intend to be more active on the blog in 2016. Whether it's shooting for beauty or outfit posts, I’d really like to show the person behind the blog a little bit more. This goes for other platforms too like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Goal Three: Improve my Skin| My skin at the beginning of the year was terrible, in the middle of the year was ok and before week or two went terrible again. I know it's from the stress surrounding me in my lifestyle and it’s got me feeling quite down about myself. In an effort to improve it I will continue to eat healthier as much as possible and drink a little bit more water than usual.

I’m looking forward to 2016 hoping more aspects of my life to change in better way. I hope the same for you!

Carrie x


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