петък, 12 февруари 2016 г.

Early Spring Vibes

coat: Shi Zhuang | jumper: TALLY WEiJL | scarf: H&M | jeans: TALLY WEiJL | boots: Mat Star | glasses: KWIAT's Deni Roth by Joy Optics
Yay, new outfit post! I like this part of the winter - the snow is melting and the sun has shown. There was no way not to take photos.

One thing that should be emphasized in this outfit is that I have purple on me! It may sound strange but whenever I have purple on me something unpleasant happens during the day (I'm superstitious about things). This is the reason I don't have purple clothes in my wardrobe and I don't know why I keep this bag.

For the cold winter days is quite difficult to find the perfect boots, as the combination of grabs + not to be wider in its upper part + comfort is mission impossible for me. These boots are super comfortable and made out the ice situations outside much better, but they quite rapidly change their color from the salt and the sand remained on the streets. They can be easy paired with my winter outerwear and generally with my whole wardrobe as we start with these jeans, coat, jumper, scarf.... I love them!

Have a lovely weekend guys.

Carrie x

ps: Пуснала съм чантата за продажба в Shedd. Може да намерите и търсите обявите ми там с хаштаг #carriesfashioncloset


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