петък, 26 февруари 2016 г.

My Favorite Lip Balms and Lipsticks

Lipsticks and balms ... I've always adored lipsticks and lip balms, but not too much to buy all of the lipsticks and balms on the market, since it is impossible to use all of them at once. As you know my lips are dried not only in winter, but in the summer, so today we will talk about four sticks that hydrates my lips very well.

Maybelline New York | If you haven't tried Baby Lips balms you must necessarily correct that! For now I have two in my arsenal and I adore them. First is Cherry Me, which is actually my first Baby Lips balm. It smells like cherry, it's not intrusive and has a light pink hue, plus it’s perfect for hydrating your lips. The second balm is Hydrate - it has SPF 20 and is colorless when is applied to the lips. This stuff smells like basil and lemon, plus it's perfect for hydration during the day.

AVON | For me, a lipstick should always be long-lasting, hydrating and suits the color of my skin. Two of the Avon Extra Lasting lipsticks are just that. First one is the Eternal Flame shade. It has a deep red color with a hydrating creamy formula and it's perfect even during the day. The second lipstick is in Totally Twig shade - it’s hydrating and has a creamy formula too with a dark brown color. It's perfect ending to a true nude look.

What’s your favorite lip balms
and lipsticks?

Carrie x


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