сряда, 17 февруари 2016 г.

The February Wishlist

My birthday is approaching, which means gifts! I have time until then so I was putting together a wishlist of things I’ve wanted to pick up and write them down.

So ... here are the things I'm obsessed with lately: shirts (the serial suspects), bags, basic shirts (t-shirts or long sleeve), thin belts, denim clothes and anything in burgundy.

I’m keeping this post short today. After I put together everything in one place I'm almost ready to clear out my wardrobe after making repairs in my room. This year I want to change something of my lifestyle and this will definitely be a well-furnished minimal room. I will start with a new wardrobe and I'm not talking about the clothes in it. In the spring I might write something about it.

What are you after this month?

Carrie x


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