неделя, 27 март 2016 г.

Beauty Favorites #4

I don’t know if you've heard me saying this before, but my hair is typically brittle and unruly. This is of course unless I use some kind of product or I’m at my hairdresser. For this reason as someone who is cursed with eternally brittle and unruly hair I’m using two hairstyling products, which are my saviors.

This range came into my life maybe 2 years ago when I got a shoulder length haircut and it’s one I’ve been using non-stop, as it just works so well for me. Also it’s always nice when said haircare happens to be a total bargain.

The Schwarzkopf Taft Invisible Power Hairspray is a must have for me. When I’m straightening it with hair straighteners or curling it with a curling iron the effect without hairspray is only 1 hour or less. This stuff makes my hair styled amazingly and also it’s lightly scented.

For curling my hair without curling iron, I like the Schwarzkopf Taft Power & Fullness Mousse, as it gives my hair the perfect wavy look. I tend to divide my hair into two sections and to twist them before the wetting part. After the wetting part I’m styling the sections with the mousse and during the day I have no worries.

What hair products do you use to give your hair the perfect look during the day?

Carrie x


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