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The Acne Treatment Diary #1

I’ve had acne for 10 years. Yes, 10 years now. At the beginning of the problem the way of the treatment was very difficult and I couldn't heal completely.

This blog was meant for fashion and everything about it, but my love for cosmetics and the treatment of my imperfections soon took over. I’ve tried literally thousands of products to fight my acne and I spent even less on them and nothing could cope perfectly with my acne. Sure, some of the products helped me, but the blackheads always come back and I’ve never once had an acne free face day.

A few months ago, when I was busy with finals my skin has got worse and became fiery red with lots of imperfections that I couldn't even hide with foundation. I believe it is caused by stress, nerves or even from the dirty air outside. I haven’t been able to go out of the house without makeup on, because I don't feel comfortable.

When I talk with people about acne they start to ask questions like "Have you tried washing your face with soap?" (Cleaning my face with soap isn't my thing - I prefer cleaning in liquid form.) "It's not so bad." (Seriously?) or "Carrie, what's this rash on your face? (It's acne and it's horrible.) and it's very awkward and unpleasant situation.

After reading about Roaccutane in the end of January just before my birthday (the end of February) I visited a dermatologist. I told her about it and she told me that judging by my kilos, my age (21 then) and the severity of my acne I don't have to use it, as after four months (my acne) could again appear and I'll destroy my body with the high doses of vitamin A in it. For this reason, we decided to go for a long-term treatment, as the first stage of treatment is four months and I mustn't wear foundation. Yes, without foundation for four months.

The first thing is a clay with lemon mask after bath. The mask have to be applied with a face brush and must stay about 10 min. On Monday I started the acne treatment and after washing off the mask my face was very soft. The second thing is the Azax antibiotic and I need to drink it on an empty stomach - two hours before and after meals. Azax is an antibiotic with broad antibacterial spectrum, which act effectively against most bacterial strains. It inhibits protein synthesis in the bacterial cell wall and thus the ability of bacteria to grow and multiply. The other two things that I use is the dietary supplement LaktoFlor Bio Plus and the Davercin gel that contains the active substance erythromycin tsiklokarbonat, which belongs to the macrolide group.

The only thing during the treatment I have to do is to visit a gynecologist (the worst thing for me) to see how my ovaries are and whether the acne problem is not from there.

Maybe I'll do monthly updates for the treatment depending on how my skin is and I’m going to take a photo now and at the end of the first stage of the treatment. My next update will probably be much shorter as hoping for potentially clear skin by summer!

Carrie x


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