четвъртък, 31 март 2016 г.

The Acne Treatment Diary #2

It’s been 1 month since 29th February and I’m really proud of myself. My blemishes are 50% gone and my acne is fading every day and I’m happy about it. I want to apologize for the delaying this post, but today I’ll tell you about my skincare during this month.

Step One: Cleansing | The first thing that I‘m using is Nivea 3-in-1 Micellar Cleansing Water, with which I’m removing my make up after the long day. One soaked cotton pad per eye, held on gently for a few seconds has you covered for melting away every scrap of all kinds of make up and it's also so gentle and kind to my skin. The second cleansing product that I’m using is the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel. As you know from part 1 I prefer liquid cleansing and this one is perfect! This stuff leavеs my skin clean and fresh.

Step Two: Healing | For the actual healing of my acne I’m using three thing. For two weeks I’ve been using Davercin gel. It’s effect is local and can’t be absorbed into the blood. The effect after applying Davercin is a slight sting, but it’s for a few minutes. I really like it, because leaves no residue on the skin after application. The second thing I’ve been taking for four weeks is Azax. Azax is antibiotic the I’ve been taking on an empty stomach - two hours before and after meals every three day of the week. Thanks to this the appearance of new blackheads fell dramatically. Finally, the third thing I continue to take is the dietary supplement LaktoFlor Bio Plus. I’m taking it three times a day and I have to for three months. While taking it I noticed that the spring fatigue doesn't affect me and that’s great.

Step Three: Pampering | For this part of my skincare I’m using a homemade face mask with clay and lemon. I’m using it only two day a week after bath. I’m applying it with a foundation brush for 10 min and after that my skin feels amazing. It’s really easy to make, so if you want I can make a post about it.

What do you use for oily skin?

Carrie x


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