понеделник, 21 март 2016 г.

Urban Chic

leather jacket: AOLONG fashion | shirt: Esmara | jeans: TALLY WEiJL | suede chelsea boots: Deichmann (similar) | bag: AVON | glasses: KWIAT's Deni Roth by Joy Optics | heart necklace: AVON (old) | black amulet: GIL Handmade

This leather jacket, denim shirt, jeans and suede chelsea boots combo have become my favorites in my wardrobe and I can’t seem to stop wearing them. Even the sun, the weather was really windy, but I took a shot of taking this pictures. I was afraid how they'll look after that because of the weather and my face without foundation, but they appeared to be quite good. The one thing I realized was that this bag actually can be styled with my wardrobe. To be honest it was really hard to style it with something and I think I'm going soon to redesign it a little bit.

Anyway, hope you’re all having a lovely week! I made Easter themed post so expect it to be on the blog soon- maybe next week or so. I'm busy with my university project, but I hope to combine it with the blog writing.

Carrie x


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