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Did You Know: The History Of Denim

On Tuesday my lecturer told us a story about denim during our lecture in university and gave me great idea for a new blog series. I'm really thankful about this and I dug up more about what she told us. It's really interesting actually, so in this series I'll tell you stories like this one and that means more lifestyle post for you.

From the 17th century to the present, denim has been woven and made into upholstery, pants and awnings. Denim can be found in museums and years ago was found in the attics, antique stores and archaeological digs. It was worn as the fabric of hard honest work and as the expression of angry rebellion. It was used for the sails of Columbus’ ships and worn by American cowboys too.

The legends says that denim was born from the wrong pronunciation of "serge de Nimes", which was a serge fabric from the town of Nimes in France. A fabric called “serge de Nimes,” was known in France to the 17th century and at the same time, there was also a fabric known in France as “nim.” Both fabrics were composed partly of wool.

I think that there still remains the question of how the word “denim” is popularly thought to be descended from the word "serge de Nimes" because "serge de Nimes" was made of silk and wool, but denim has always been made of cotton.

What do you think?

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