вторник, 10 май 2016 г.

The Beauty Hub: Planet Spa Herbal Steam Bath Conditioning Hair Mask

I really like when a hair mask has a quick effect, smells heavenly and takes a few minutes to do it's magic. In today’s post, I’m going to be talking about my favorite hair mask so far. And no, nothing expensive as usual and yes, you can find not so expensive haircare that's worthy.

Planet Spa Herbal Steam Bath Conditioning Hair Mask is my second favorite from Planet Spa range. Two of the main ingredients are cedar and eucalyptus extract. The smell is really strong and the only thing that I can think of is forest and fresh air. The texture is firm in the form of a bright green gel. I'm using it only one day a week for 5 minutes and my hair always feels more hydrated after drying it up.

So, if you have dry and brittle hair you have to try it. Sadly I can't find it anymore on AVON magazines but probably I'll repurchase it, if they release it again.

Carrie x


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