сряда, 4 май 2016 г.

The Bedroom Wishlist

I'm planning a trip to IKEA soon and recently I've been obsessed of doing a list of purchases - I've lost their count to be honest. I decided to make a wishlist of the items that I want to buy from there, because with so many thing in my mind I've started to forget some of them.

My inspiration is Pinterest interior pictures in my account, which you can find here. I want to replace some of my furnishes in my bedroom starring with the closet. I want to replace it with this RIGGA clothing stand, which will open some space in my bedroom. For the clothing stand I need hangers. I have a lots of them at home, but they're old and I need more. After that I think that six or twelve SKUBB storage boxes will do the job of containing the other half of my clothes such as nightwear and etc.

White, black and brown is my perfect combination for my bedroom. For a brown item I think that I'll replace my old brown table with a new one - something like this LACK table or a wider one. I have four stools that will fit this kind of table and will open space too.

I'm not a candle addict, but I finally found from where you all have this candle holders and I'll buy one for sure. Their design is super elegant and is amazing how they can be used for makeup storage for example.

Carrie x


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