понеделник, 4 юли 2016 г.

New In: Deichmann Black Lace-Up Flats

Do you remember when these lace- up flats become so trendy? I'm not sure about the answer of this question, but I know that I wanted them so bad since they've started to be so popular among fashion bloggers. They were my № 2 in my shoes wishlist (I haven't done this kind of wishlist on the blog, but I'll do) - №1 were the burgundy Chelsea ankle boots, which I bought last autumn.

I've started my researches on this kind of shoes on the internet long ago, but everything was available everywhere except Bulgaria. I was really sad, but when in the beginning of this S/S Deichmann released them and I was on cloud nine. I'm beyond obsessed with these flats and I think that the "you never know how much you need something until you have it" is said just in this kind of cases. I'm wearing usually size 38, but for this shoes I bought size 37, because they fit my feet. It was weird, but I think that I fluctuate between size 37- 38. They are from leather and are really comfortable. Also they look pretty cool with bright jeans and black/white shirt.

Oh, and did I mentioned that I got them with 30% off? July is the month of sales so if you want this lace-up flats you have to do it now. Soon you'll see them in action in my outfit post and you'll get sick of seeing them, because I'll wear them really often.

What do you think?
Carrie x


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