събота, 23 юли 2016 г.

New In: Deichmann Black Ribbing Sandals

Yep, new pair of shoes again! I think that this summer is meant to be for shoes. If you wonder why I'll tell you: first I bought the lace-up flats, recently I bought this sandals and I have this feeling that I'm going to buy soon another pair of shoes. Oh...this sales!

As you know from my Instagram last Saturday I went thru a toenail reconstruction duo to damaged nail plate from uncomfortable shoes. I was ashamed of how my toenail was looking like, but now I feel really good and I don't have to be ashamed of it anymore. When I made this step I realized that I hadn't bought sandals for years. My shoes collection was screaming for new pair of sandals and I went to my favorite Deichmann store. From the site I liked one model, but in the local store I couldn't find it and I bought this pair (they were my second choice). Again I picked them in size 37, because they were only available in this size. I can say that I'm one lucky girl, because I can wear two sizes. They are really comfortable, thrust me! I put them on from the moment I left the store and I went home wearing them.

I bought them on the regular price, because they were really cheap, but Deichmann shoes sale is still on, so hurry up if you want to find your size.
Carrie x


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