сряда, 13 юли 2016 г.

The Acne Treatment Diary #3

It's time for me to sum up this four months of the first part of my acne treatment. It wasn't easy to go out everyday without make up (mostly without foundation) and to face the questions every time when I wore my hair in a ponytail. Despite everything I see the difference on my skin now, but it's not enough.
If you know my acne history you know already that I've been suffering for 10 years now with imperfections aka acne. In the end of February I visited a dermatologist and we talked about what my treatment will be. We decided that we'll go for a long-term treatment and the first part of the treatment will be four months ('till the end of June).

During this time my skin has improved with the new skincare routine - my brown-red blemishes faded and my skin is a little bit calm than before. In the end of this post you can see the difference of my skin before and after the treatment. Judging by this photos I think that I have progress and this makes me happy.

On Monday I went to my dermatologist and we talked about my new treatment and I'll continue with my old skincare routine. On July 18 I have an appointment again, because she want to take a look of my skin. We decided to go for a couple of days only with Davercin and Lactoflor Bio Plus and after that probably I'll start with the antibiotics again.

Carrie x

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  1. Hmm, did you try going on birth control? The area where your acne is seems to be due to hormonal reasons, also known as hormonal acne. It isn't enough to take acne medication and change your routine. You must notice when you get the break outs and if they are before your period, during or during ovulation. I hope that you find the perfect treatment ! Good luck to you.

    1. No, I didn't. I was thinking the same thing that it's caused by hormones, because when I'm nervous and I have exams- my skin looks a little bit terrible as usual, but I'm more sure that it's some kind of bacteria. And thank you!