неделя, 31 юли 2016 г.

The Vidin Photo Diary

"The greatness of the motherland is build onto the bones of those who worthily lived and died for it."

If you've been following me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook you know already that I've been on vacation. I visited Vidin, Bulgaria and Calafat, Romania these three days and on the fourth (today) I came back to my home place - Sofia. I had an amazing time and I honestly want to catch back the train as soon as possible.

So, today I'll show you the first photo diary (of three or four) that I've put together of the things I saw there + video of the Danube river. I have a few photos of me, but I'll show you a lot of the nature and the beautiful (some of them abandoned) buildings. The architecture of these two cities that I'll show is breathtaking. The next photo diary will be about the Granny Vida fortress (I'll tell you about it's history, too) in two parts and the fourth post will be about Calafat where I'll show you the city.

Have a nice Sunday everyone!

Carrie x


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