понеделник, 8 август 2016 г.

Horizontal Stripes

top: Danaya Fashion | jeans: TALLY WEiJL | sandals: Deichmann | clutch: Calliope | glasses: KWIAT's DENI ROTH by Joy Optics | black amulet: GIL Handmade

Yay, curly hair! I prefer it straighten, but lets embrace it - my hair is curly and really stubborn. It's has three natural colors - brown, black (if you see it on sun light there's a black spots everywhere, like a ladybug) and two blond locks that can be visible only during S/S seasons.

Anyway, I went to my hairdresser a couple of days ago and I was early, so I had the time to take photos for this outfit post. My newest purchase is this horizontal striped top. I bought it when I was in Vidin - I can't resist when I see a shopping mall. It's wide and when it's hot outside it's perfect for the job, because of the fabric. It's asymmetric and can be worn with jeans. I picked this TALLY WEiJL jeans, because they are black and I love them. Another black thing is my new sandals that I really like and naturally my favorite black clutch.

What's your favorite combo for S/S?

Carrie x


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