вторник, 16 август 2016 г.

My Pampering Products

The feeling of coming home after the long day and pamper yourself with something (taking a shower for example) is amazing, right? I pamper myself not only at the weekends and I'm really happy after that. It's so refreshing when I have free time and it's all for me and no one else. Anyway I decided today's post to be about my pampering products that I'm using and become a routine in my lifestyle imperceptibly.

Skincare| So you know already that I've been fighting acne for five or so months and part of my treatment includes a face mask. I have to fight my acne a little bit longer, so I'm still using the lemon and clay face mask. I'm using it only two days of week and after washing it away I feel like a new person. My skin is soft, smooth and it's like I have baby face. Seriously!

Body| It's time to introduce you my favorite body butter so far. My body skin is dry (not so dry) and without body butter or body oil I'm lost. I've been using AVON Planet Spa Blissfully Nourishing Body Butter with African Shea Butter for months now and I'm really pleased with it. I'm using it after every shower and skin is feeling really refreshing. The smell of this butter is really nice and isn't haunting.

Nails| Finally, my last essential from my pampering routine is the nail polish. This week I picked Essie Wicked. Every time when I'm painting my nails I'm using my favorite base and top Essie All in One polish. It makes my nail polish to stay longer as possible on my nails. I'm talking for one week or so, because I'm changing the colors every week. I really like painting my nails, so it's definitely the part of my pampering routine that I can't skip.

What's your pampering products?

Carrie x  


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