понеделник, 22 август 2016 г.

The Calafat Photo Diary

Yep, it's time to show you the main purpose of my trip. It's the last photo diary of my actually first ever traveling abroad. I feel like a new person after this and this makes me really happy. I've been dreaming about this since I realized that I have the passion of traveling and exploring the world.

After visiting Vidin and the Granny Vida fortress (photo diary one and two) finally I went to Calafat, Romania. I was expecting to see one dynamic city, but I was wrong (maybe because it was Saturday) and I want to go back now. I fell in love with the architecture there. It unlocked my imagination and I was walking around the streets and thinking of what the history of this buildings might be.

Actually, the one thing that I was afraid of was that I don't know Romanian, but I managed to understand it somehow. Thanks to that I found that there is a museum of art and ethnography (the white building with the green roof), but it was closed, unfortunately. I googled it and I found out that the building houses the "Hall of the Romanian - Bulgarian friendship". As you can see the building is in French neo baroque style and I hope that when I go back to visit Romania this museum will be open.

Have you been before in Romania?

Carrie x


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