четвъртък, 25 август 2016 г.

The Futuristic Army Green Dress

dress: Carolina Ilieva | bag: AVON | shoes: Top 10 | glasses: KWIAT's DENI ROTH by Joy Optics | black amulet: GIL Handmade

This summer vacation was pretty amazing for me, but sadly everything has it's end. I've shown you this summer events that happens. I've been traveling abroad for the first time, I've made my fashion patterns real and etc.

However, lets start with a round up for today's outfit. First I'll ask you: do you remember the Queen of Hearts coat? If the answer is yes, today I'll introduce you to the futuristic army green dress. As you know from my Facebook page thanks again to my lovely boss Daniela Doneva I've made this dress. One day I went back to my childhood and remembered about The Jetsons cartoon that I used to watch on TV, so I can say that this dress is inspired by this cartoon.

Lets talk about the fabric. It's from punto milano in army green, which is my favorite color. This fabric is elastic and is very thick, so it's suitable for the A/W seasons. Probably this will become my current uniform. I combined it with this bag, which handles I changed with this golden chains and this flats. Next time I'll try with the lace-up flats.

Carrie x


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