четвъртък, 4 август 2016 г.

The Granny Vida Fortress Photo Diary Part I

As you know I was for a couple of days in Vidin and Calafat and I took lots of photos. As I promised my second photo diary will be about Granny Vida fortress (my first photo diary). I thought that the photos that I took in the fortress will be enough for one photo diary, but I was wrong so, you will see it in two parts.

I love visiting Vidin because of the history, nature and the Danube river. I was there during my vacation and I went to Granny Vida fortress or knows as Baba Vida fortress. It's the main landscape in the city, so if you are visiting Vidin you have to see it. The construction of the fortress began in the 10th century at the place of the ancient Roman castell Bononia. The building of Baba Vida is tied actually to a legend, according to which a Danubian Bulgarian king who ruled at Vidin had three daughters: Vida, Kula and Gamza. Prior to his death, he divided his realm among the three. Vida, the eldest, was given Vidin and the lands north to the Carpathians, Kula was awarded Zaječar and the Timok Valley, and Gamza was to rule the lands west up to the Morava. Vida remained unmarried and built the fortress in her city.

When I was little I've been there and when I went in the fortress on Friday again I had a deja vu. It was really strange, but now I'll remember it a lot better then before.

Carrie x


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