петък, 12 август 2016 г.

The Granny Vida Fortress Photo Diary Part II

It's time for me to show you the second part of what's inside the Granny Vida fortress. As you know from the first part the fortress is one big place. If I had a little bit more time I would've explore the secret tunnels, too. I really want to live there!

I told you in the previous post about it's history, but I forgot to tell you that during the Ottoman rule Granny Vida withstood the siege that lasted nearly eight months. During the Second Bulgarian Kingdom the fortress was the most important fort in northwestern Bulgaria. The largest expansion was during the reign of king Ivan Sratsimir, who ruled Vidin. He dwells the fortress as a feudal castle and during this period a significant number of walls and towers were built. The fortress today looks similar to the one from the past.

So, this is everything about the history of Granny Vida fortress. I can say that this is the most breathtaking landscapes in Bulgaria and if you want to visit it don't hesitate.

Carrie x


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