събота, 20 август 2016 г.

What Is On My Phone?

Two events happened this week- I made my second own fashion pattern (and third) and I bought a micro SD card, because I ran out of memory on my phone. My fashion patterns I'll show you next week, but today I'll show what is on my Huawei P8 phone. I have three pages of apps and they can be selected in three categories. Let's take a look...

First category is for the important apps. They are E-mail, Contacts, Clock, Messages, Calendar, Music, Calculator and Goggle Chrome. I have two apps for my e-mails, but I prefer using Gmail. These apps are on the first and the second page. I really like to have quick access for these apps.

The second category is about my social media apps. They are important, too, especially if you are a blogger. Since I become a fashion and beauty blogger I can't without my social media apps. When I'm out and I have a new post is super easy to share it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For Facebook I have Messenger and Pages Manager and for Twitter and Instagram I have the IF apps.

Finally it's time for my fashion and photo apps. I don't have special photo editing apps, because I'm really pleased with Instagram. The fashion apps are only three - Bloglovin for my blog post, Pinterest and Shedd - if I have something to sell.

What is on your phones?

Carrie x


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