неделя, 25 септември 2016 г.

Autumn Uniform

cardigan: D.I.Y | leather jacket: AOLONG fashion | turtleneck top: Rita's Colours | jeans: Calliope | lace-up shoes: Deichmann | rings: H&M | bag: AVON | glasses: KWIAT's DENI ROTH by Joy Optics

It's been awhile since my last post and I'm truthfully sorry, but I had a few exams to pass. It was so stressful situation and I wasn't in a mood for blogging. My skin is awful looking now, because the stress I've cause it, but in the end I have no old exams to pass and I'm super happy about it.

The second thing I'm happy about is that autumn has come. As you know from my posts I adore this season - yes, it's cold outside, but the colors are amazing and I feel cozy in my clothes. Speaking of clothes I found my current uniform. In my university is super cold, so I think that this combo will save me. I combine this cardigan, on which pattern I found on Pinterest (I can't stop wearing it!) with my favorite biker leather jacket. It was chilly when I took this photos, so I picked this turtleneck top with combo of high waisted jeans and lace-up shoes. They are perfect for this kind of weather - when it's not too cold, nor too warm.

What's your autumn uniform?

Carrie x


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