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Most Worn A/W Items In My Wardrobe

It's starting to feel like Winter outside, isn't it? I have to go outside with a winter jacket, hat, gloves and scarves and I feel like a penguin this particular days. Not long ago, I went through my A/W clothes in my wardrobe and I saw so many comfortable sweaters that reminded me of the cold seasons. The idea of wearing thick dark layers fills me with joy, so I've picked a few wardrobe favorites that helped me to create my uniforms.

Outerwear | I've received this wool and suede jacket a few weeks ago and both fabrics are in black with long collar that can be worn as a scarf. I'm wearing it mostly with a long cardigan underneath. I'm looking for a long classic (military style) coat now, but you can't go wrong with this one.

Sweaters | I absolutely love sweaters during A/W seasons, so I felt the need of buying a new one. Last week I went for my monthly shopping routine and I've picked this burgundy one from Calliope. Honestly I can't stop wearing it!

Jeans | Black jeans are my must-have for these seasons. Whether these are ripped or not, black jeans goes perfectly with both dark and light clothes. If you want to create a monochrome outfit this is the perfect choice.

Ankle Boots | Ankle boots or high knee boots doesn't matter. I love both of them, but for the sunny days I prefer ankle boots. These ESMARA ankle boots are my favorites, because of their heels. They are so high and I don't have worry about the pain in my legs in the end of the day.

Handbag | Everyone needs a handbag in their outfits, right? I really like this one above. Since I've changes the handles with golden chains it's like I've changed the whole bag. I mostly have dark clothes in my wardrobe, so it's a great choice for a final touch.

What you're going to wear this Winter?

Carrie x
Declaimer: Some of these items have been sent for review. Please for more information see my full disclosure policy


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