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44th Sofia International Book Fair | We Are Not From Here by Radostina Angelova

Recently I've started reading books again really actively. As you know from my Twitter I'm reading "The Queen of the Tearling" series - it's a breathtaking series for sure. Anyway...a few days ago I attended to the presentation of the fourth book of my lecturer in university Radostina Angelova.

The presentation was in NPC in Sofia during the 44th Sofia International Book Fair (part of the 4th edition of the Sofia International Literature Festival) on the scene of the Bulgarian Book Association, 3rd floor. The book is called in Bulgarian "Не сме тукашни", on English I suppose is called ''We Are Not From Here''. It's genre isn't fantasy- it's prose. I haven't read the last three book, but I'll have the pleasure to read this one.

The book was analyzed by Krustio Ralenkov. It's about a woman enjoying and idyllic summer with her family in a villa near the border. But the idyll is destroyed by the appearance of an unknown boy with eyes like emeralds. On the presentation the author Radostina Angelova told the audience that actually the woman at first didn't allow the boy in her life, but when she reconsidered it was too late.

Krustio Ralenkov's analyze told us how he sees the characters on ''We Are Not From Here'' - ''Stem, the husband: balanced and inspiring the necessary calm, Neyb, the child: natural extension of family vitality and the natural rounding of each family happiness and Caramel, the mother of the main character: no less delay and wane of life, with the consequent combination of experience, which is always helpful, but also disorderliness against life pace, which often causes irritation''. In this analyze also was mention about the feelings of the main character, what was the book about, the writing and the peculiarities of the author.

In the end of the event there were questions and answers and a book signing. I've got my book signed and I'm super happy about it. She wrote in the book "To Carolina, for the confidence to happen things that we dream for!"

Carrie x


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