четвъртък, 5 януари 2017 г.

10 Things I Can’t Live Without

Happy New Year, guys! One day I woke up and asked myself "With what you can't live without?" I realized that it's really difficult question to answer. In my opinion this question is important, because the answer is placing a frame in a human life. So, today I'm showing you the 10 things I can't live without.

Make up | Thru the years make up was seen with different ingredients and everything. I love the make up what has become now - different range, formulas and in different packages. As you know I'm fighting acne, so make up is my bestie when I have to cover my imperfections.

Bags | I don't mind if I die with them. I can put my necessary accessories in them, especially in the big once.

Scarves | A few years ago I found out that I have one big envelope full of them and a friend of mine told me that I'm basic bitch, because of it (it wasn't a really good joke, to be honest). They are good for a final touch on every outfit, even when it's cold like in A/W seasons.

Phone | In a century with technology everywhere it's understandable that I can't live without my phone. My life is in this thing and it's a life savior when I have to send an e-mail, message, photos or check my calendar and etc. You can see here what's on my phone.

Social Media | With a phone the following thing is the social media (not only on my phone of course). Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest...they are in my top 5 most used apps/sites. I can talk with you, guys and share thing that makes me happy and not so happy.

| With my phone in my cosmetic bag there are pair of headphones. I just feel bored when I'm without them, especially when I'm traveling long distance.

Music | Even when I'm at home I just can't sit there and not listening to music. I prefer alternative rock, so I feel really relaxed when I can hear it.

Books | Reading about other universes and different characters makes me feel that I want to be a character there and to be an actress (my dream since I was little girl) - to portrays them. The last book series I read was "The Queen of the Tearling"by Erika Johansen. It was an incredible series and to play Kelsea or Evelyn Raleigh is my newest dream so far. I'm a geek and when I read a good written book I can't help myself to dream to be part of it.

TV Shows | As I told you I'm a geek and not only when we talk about books. I watch 14 TV shows now and when they have a break I feel bored. I prefer Sci- Fi and Crime genre and there's very good TV shows that I'm glad I'm watching.

Pets | I have a Labrador now and he's almost 2 months old. He is very naughty and loves slipper and knitted socks, but he's a real cutie pie. If you're following me on Instagram you saw him - the beige fluffy thing. He is one dog that brings joy.

Carrie x


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