петък, 13 януари 2017 г.

Beauty Favorites #6

It feels like it wasn't long ago since my last beauty favorite post. It's because every week I'm switching my make up in my cosmetic bag (that includes the products for my bodycare, too) - if I don't do this I'm afraid that I'm going to be forced to throw half of my collection due to expired data. So, I've round up four beauty product that I'm currently using.

Let's start with Cottage Gourmet Shower Gel and Bath with Milk and Caramel - my favorite shower gel so far. I was currently testing it and when I finished with the testing part I decided that the Cottage range of shower gels will be my must-have in my bathroom. The milk and caramel shower gel have very good thick foam with excellent scent. It's formula is thick (as every shower gel) with white-brownish color. Also I'm looking forward to use the other scents of the range. 

The other product that I've been currently testing is the Essence matt matt matt lipstick in 07 purple power. The color is of this lipstick is my favorite one - the perfect burgundy. When I'm wearing it I feel more confident that my outfit is completed. The texture is light and creamy....oh and matte! If you want to try something burgundy you should try this one. 

Next is the Maybelline COLORAMA Nail Polish in 165. When it's cold and snowy outside I feel more comfortable wearing dark nail polishes and recently I'm wearing this one. It's dark brown shade, three coats are needed to get the color of the bottle due to the too liquid texture, but it dries fast. 

And finally is the Maybelline New York The Nudes Palette that I've been loving for a few months. There are 12 shades and I'm using mostly the matte, because they're fitting to my casual outfits. I use the combination of light shade on my eyelid and a darker one on my inner corner. With eye pencil and mascara my eyes look really nice. I'm thinking of starting a new series for make up looks, so there I'll be showing you how I'm combining the shades in the palette. 

Carrie x


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