понеделник, 30 януари 2017 г.

Classic Black

coat: Shi Zhuang
 jeans: TALLY WEiJL
boots: MatStar
 gloves: H&M

In the middle of this cold season I finally can wear my black coat. I was just bored of wearing my puffer jacket. I love it, because is wind and waterproof and I feel warm with it, but I crave wearing my coats. They are light and can be styled easier.

Anyway...on the outfit. I finally managed to take these photos a few days ago and I'm super happy about it. I feel recently that I'm so busy and don't have time to take outfit photos. For this outfit I picked my favorite coat (even if I don't like the collar), the big knitted scarf, the black ripped jeans that I can't stop wear, these boots, the gray gloves and handbag.

This big scarf is my must-have when we talk about Winter, plus this gloves. I had so many questions in the beginning when I got them a few years ago like "Are they warming your hands?" and the answer is still "Yes.". The black ripped jeans also have a few more zippers than usual and darts - they are adding details, which I love and the combo with these boots...I can say that this is part of my winter uniform. Maybe I should have named this post "My Winter Uniform". Oh and this handbag...I love it, because it's small, but not too small and I can put everything I need in it.

Carolina x


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