сряда, 8 февруари 2017 г.

Nail Favorites #6: Three For Winter To Spring Transition

Every Spring I feel some kind of reborn- it's sunny, the streets are not covered with snow, I can wear flats, t-shirts and etc. You know that feeling when in the beginning of Spring you don't know what exactly to wear. I know that feeling and the choice of picking the right nail polish is hard, too. I'm trying to pick bright colors mainly and recently I got my eyes on three nail polishes that can help me with the Winter to Spring transition.

Maybelline ColorShow in 91 have this peachy shade that I really love to wear when I'm sick of the dark shades in my nail polish collection. It's bright, you can get it with three coats, the texture is not so thick, neither liquid. The application is very easy, because of the brush and it's perfect choice if you wear black outfit.

Next nail polish is the Essence The Gel Nail Polish in 31 electriiiiiic. The color is electric indeed and is very saturated. The texture is thicker than the normal nail polishes. I feel weird in a good way when I'm wearing it - like I'm wearing an ocean or a spring rain on my nails. Two coat of the nail polish are enough for getting the color in the bottle. Oh, did I mention that it's shiny, too?

Finally, the glitter nail polish that can give my nails a fancy look. Essie Jazzy Jubilant is my favorite glitter nail polish. The base is transparent and look very nice with white, black, beige or turquoise base, because of the glitter particles.

What's your Winter to Spring transition nail polish(es)?

Carolina x


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