неделя, 19 март 2017 г.

How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

Washing your brushes is so important, am I right? I recently started to use my brushes more often duo to the sunny weather outside. I love when everything around me is clean and this also applies for my brushes. Using my brushes more often = they get dirty quickly, so I clean them not every week, but every two or three weeks. Depends on how dirty they are.

When I'm cleaning my brushes I using warm water, not too hot and paraben-free shampoo or shower gel. I'm trying to use paraben-free product, so I'm using them in the routine with my brushes. Anyway... the first step is to pour a tablespoon of the shampoo/shower gel in the small bowl and then I'm adding warm water. One at the time I'm dipping my brushes and swirling them across the bottom on the bowl.

Step two is to let them soak for 5-10 seconds, depends on how dirty they are. After this one by one I'm holding each of them under cold water and for step three I'm drying and remolding them by pressing the hairs between a napkin until they get their old shape.

What's your cleaning formula for your brushes?

Carolina x


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