неделя, 5 март 2017 г.

My 23th Birthday Presents

A couple of days ago on 28 February I turned 23. I feel more wiser and more like a grown up, but the child in me is still there dreaming of more adventures and having the dream job of a fashion/ jewelry designer. Anyway this year I've got lots of presents from my family and almost everything was in my birthday wishlist.

First present was my new pair of glasses form my mom. My old frames are distorted and now I'm using them only at home. The new frames are again from KWIAT - KWIAT EXCLUSIVE. This year cat eyes are a trend among eyewear and I really like how they can be styled with both casual, formal or work wear outfits. These frames are 50% metallic with brown shades (my favorite shades) and are my final touch when I wear some of my brown or black clothes.

Next is a golden jewelry Aleks & VV set from my father, grandmother and late grandfather. The set came with this red box and include earnings with zircon gemstones and bracelet with red textile cord and a padlock charm. Also on the one side of the padlock there's a tiny heart. I wear mostly silver, but according to my granny this year is for golden jewelry, so I'm getting used to with wearing gold.

Finally is the present from my mom's husband. He gave me the limited edition of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. I can't say much of the book for now, because I'm reading it for the first time and I'm not finished it, yet. I'm glad that I have time to read it, because it's this kind of book that is really good written. I think that there's a strong conclusion in the end that valid for these days, too. If you read the book tell me what you think of it.

Carolina x


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