вторник, 4 април 2017 г.

Hallo Spring

leather jacket: AOLONG fashion | top: Bershka | jeans: TALLY WEiJL | ankle boots: ESMARA | bag: AVON | glasses: KWIAT | earrings: Aleks & VV | bracelets: Carolina Winter Design (black), Aleks & VV (red), GIL (white)
Oh, how I like Spring! Everything is waking up, flowers everywhere, it's sunny and bright colors, of course. For me it's really nice to wake up knowing that outside is sunny and I don't have to wear my winter clothes. I'm able to wear cardigans, leather jacket and blazers.

Anyway, on the outfit...or first on my haircut. Yes, lets talk about my haircut. Last Saturday I went to my hairdresser with the idea for a different shape of my hair. We ended up with this, because my hair was already too short and decided to skip 3 months at least until my next visit. I'm thinking about a lob or something like that. When I was sitting on the chair my heart was beating fast and I was like 'It's gonna be alright. Summer is coming, you don't have to worry about your hair. You can curl it, too.' I like it.

On the outfit. These jeans, ankle boots and handbag is part of my spring uniform lately. I love to make combos of bright and dark clothes. These jeans makes my dark tops, outerwear to look a lot better - especially the top I'm wearing here. It's in my favorite color, it's light and makes great combo with my leather jacket. For jewelry I picked my daily once - the black one is made by me. Soon I'm launching Carolina Winter Design - brand for jewelry. I'm almost ready, so stay tuned for more info. The earrings and the red bracelet I've got for my birthday and the white one I bought for Christmas.

Carolina x


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