неделя, 2 април 2017 г.

The Acne Treatment Diary #4

It's this time of my life when I have to talk about my acne treatment. I truly hate this moment! A couple of days I went to see my dermatologist (it's been 1 year since my last visit), because I started to have acne on my forehead, too. Before this moment I had only on my jaw and chin. If you read my last three posts of my acne treatment diary you know what I'm talking about.
After my visit I'm again on antibiotic and my old routine with little updated. The antibiotic is the same - Azax 500ml. I'll be taking it now for 8 weeks now, 1 tablet, 3 days of week. She doubled the weeks, because I'm having a little bit bigger pores and my blackheads are more visible that ever. I've started to take the tablets since day 1 and on day 2 I saw the quick effect - my skin now is more calm and I hope for more calmness.

The other things I have to use are the dietary supplement LaktoFlor Bio Plus, Davercin gel and the clay mask. There's no difference here - LaktoFlor Bio Plus I'll be taking three times a day, Davercin gel-two times a day and the clay mask - two times a week. These three I'm using since last year without a break, because they are holding the situation under control.

The second update in my routine will be the BIODERMA Sebium Gel moussant. I've never tried this product before, but since I'm using it I feel the difference between this gel and the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Foaming Gel. It's more liquid, with blue color and the smell is like you are washing your face with fresh air.

After this whole routine we're going to do a facial peel and again I'll pay a visit to a gynecologist.

Carolina x

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  1. Hi Carolina. I really think that you should try Tea Tree Oil, it's not drying to the skin, in fact it's hydrating but it helps A TON with acne. It's something that I have to use constantly, because I have hormonal breakouts like you, nothing else fixes the issue. I'd suggest to visit an endocrynologist to see what's up if you haven't already. You could also have an allergic reaction to something perhaps. Another thing i suggest is if you have oily skin, never use overly-drying products. Oily skin is actually oily because the skin isn't hydrated enough so the oil starts to be produced to compensate for that. Keeping your skin moisturized is key. Last, I really suggest you use La Roche Posay 50+ SPF, every day, even in winter! That sunscreen is amazing for acne-prone, oily skin. It's light, no alcohol, no parabens, nothing harmful and it's amazing and mattyfiying. I hope your journey with your acne-fight is successful! Please take care, xoxo!

  2. And one last thing that I forgot. Skin gets used to any effects a certain medicinal creme/gel/purifier has, so switching brands often is good! Think of it like when you drink way too many antibiotics our body gets used to them and they stop working. So it's good to try out different things when you can !