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How I Take Care Of My Tattoos

Tattoos have a power and magic all their own. They decorate the body but they also enhance the soul.
-Michelle Delio
Having tattoos on your body is personal choice. Some of the people don't like tattoos, some of them does like me. I love tattoos and how they can say more about you and your personality by their meaning. As I love tattoos I like to keep them small, but with big meaning. Of course, depends on the place of the body it can hurt as hell and I prefer them on less painful places. For me it's super exciting to get a tattoo: from the building up the idea, the day and to the taking care of your new tattoo moment. My way of taking care are simple and similar to a lot of people, I think, but anyway I decided to share it with you.

My latest and second tattoo, which was done a couple of days ago (on 2nd May) is two crowns on my right ankle in Sofia near my university by a tattooist named Radomir. After 8 years since my first tattoo I felt that now is the right moment to get a second one. I'd seen his work online, we talked and I booked Tuesday for my crowns.

On Monday I made sure that the area is well maintained and picked some light and loose clothes. I always advice while your are dressing up for this kind of event to have in mind the fact you're getting tattooed. The area needs to be easily accessible, so you don't have to undress yourself. The tattoo took 30-35 min or more. We finished quickly and the taking care part was all down to me. Tattooists will give you advice/instructions how to take care of your tattoo and I would recommend that is best to follow what they say. Getting a tattoo is serious thing and your job is not only to show off and be proud of what you have.

I got wrapped up and advised to take off the foil after a few hours and start to clean the area. This day was hot, so luckily I bought myself some water, because I had to travel home 30 min more by subway. When I got home and took off the foil I stated to wash it down with lukewarm water and antibacterial soap. Step two was to adsorb the water with a napkin (not with towel!) and to apply a thin layer of Bepanthen. I'll be doing this repeatedly for a few days.

Take care properly of the tattoo and it will be healed in no time!

Carolina x


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