понеделник, 15 май 2017 г.

The Almost Black Summer Wishlist

Summer is coming and I still prefer black for my Summer days. I feel really comfortable and confident in this color and it's very rare thing for me to wear white or something bright. Even if I wear a bright color it's with a combo of dark color. So, I've been looking for some black clothes and I found a lot.

Soon I'll be shopping, because I haven't in a while and I'll hunt down first this two tops. I'm a rock music fan and when I found out that now this kind of clothes are trending I was on cloud nine. They are black and with cool prints - something that I'm looking for. The other thing that is trending, I think, is the denim skirts. They are vintage and as I like to wear denim this kind of skirt will be looking very good in my closet. The other two things that I'll buy is this black jersey dress and this blue skinny jeans. They may look familiar to you, because I have similar. I want another pair of this kind of jeans, because they're light, comfortable and my old I'm wearing at home now.

Black Printed Top | Black Printed Mesh T-Shirt | Blue Skinny Jeans without Pockets | Black Denim Skirt | Black Jersey Dress

Carolina x


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