петък, 7 юли 2017 г.

Summer In Black

t-shirt: H&M | jeans: TALLY WEiJL | ankle boots: Deichmann (similar) | glasses: KWIAT | choker & black bracelet: Carolina Winter Design | red bracelet: Aleks & VV

Wearing black clothes in the Summer days is not the thing that most people think of. A few days ago I was lucky enough to enjoy the rainy days, the lightnings and the thunders. The storm mostly was at night, so in the morning it was slightly cold and could drink my coffee on the balcony enjoying the view. For this today I was able to wear my favorite combo of t-shirt and boots. 

This t-shirt was my first choice when I was preparing my outfit. I always loved and I still do this kind of t-shirts- the basic once. You can't go wrong with a basic t-shirt! It could be worn with everything from day to night. For the boots - I could wear them everyday. I love the color and how comfortable they are. When I'm scrolling on Pinterest and I see a t-shirt or tank with jeans or shorts with ankle boots I look forward to be able to wear this combo. Finally, I managed today and I'm happy. 

In Bulgaria the Summer is really hot and it's impossible to wear boots. It's hard to remember when the weather was similar to this one today. 

Carolina x


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