PR Info

Why work with me? I really enjoy working with companies to create some interesting contents. If you’re after featuring an item in a post, promotion or running a giveaway I'm more than happy to help you.

Do I have anything to consider before agreeing to a collaboration? A collaboration must be mutually beneficial or I will be unable to fulfill the request, because I’ve worked lots of hours a week here and continuing to do it now to build this place into what it is today. It would be nice if you respect that.

Do I have any restrictions? As long as your products or brand fits in with my blog and I’m interested in, then there shouldn’t be a problem. I won’t review something I either don’t know enough about or disagree with.

What timescales I work with? If you have a deadline let me know what it is and I’ll see if I can work with it. Usually, I take my blog photos at weekends as I study and work by Monday-Friday.

I usually work with these timescales for reviews:
Fashion – 1-2 weeks: They’re photographer and weather dependent so it's going to take time!
Beauty – 1-5 weeks: haircare, bodycare, makeup items and electrical goods have a quicker effects that can be seen sooner. Skincare can take up to 5 weeks for a review, because I like to test items properly for any reactions including side effects.
Lifestyle – 1-4 weeks: this depends entirely on the item I’m reviewing.

If you have other questions feel free to send me an email.